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Beside the single Combat Routine purchase, there also an “All Current and Future Combat Routine Package”.

Once you donate for a total amount of $89 (limited time offer) you will get ALL available Combat Routine as well as ALL future release.

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Client Testimonials

This Warrior Routine is absolutely amazing. I will message you some pictures later but last night I did my first RBG of the night with it and broke 32 mil damage on first run of the routine. You are awesome Tuanha!

From dturner
Just WOW !!!! Been using it all day, and im gonna send you more donnations jus bescause of this CR. Its simply amazing. Ive reached 2k Ratings in Arena x2 and x3 and also RBGs with my DK thank to you. And now its Warrior Time.

From Tiago
Just did 47% of healing on lfr boss and rank 2 WoL (Paladin Special Edition). um... I think it's improved lol. Amazing work so far, will keep testing for cds and logic. Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication Tuanha.

edit: ok, was freak boss, no one was healing. Averaging 35-39% of heals on rest, pulling nice HPS. Will test in real raid in few hours, but CDs seem dead on, and super fast logic.

From  mnipper
I finally did it! I finally hit 2k rating in 2's using YOUR profile (Monk Special Edition). I wanted to come on here and personally thank you for all of the hard work that you put in.
Comp: Windwalker Monk (me), Disc Priest
Final rating: 2011
Teams we dominated: Any caster/healer teams, Double DPS, Hunter/non-priest healer
Teams we struggled against: Hunter/Priest teams
Your rotation and interrupts are AMAZING, and allowed me to completely shut down opposing healers.
From jyoung1985
I would like to say something about your CC's to anyone who is thinking of donating, DO IT...

First I donated for the pala CC and that was good and is worth donating for. Then I donated for the Monk CC and that was crazy, well worth the money. Now I donated for this (Death-Knight Special Edition) and I am speechless. I have ilvl of 463 and I just went 1v5 and won. you are by far the best CC writer on these forums.

Keep up the good work.

from TANK0341