About TuanHA Combat Routine

We are the longest developer of Automation Addon for World of Warcraft!

We start making automation addon for World of Warcraft since 2012, with years of continuous update and improvement, TuanHA Combat Routine become one of the most comprehensive product that user ever need for playing any class on World of Warcaft. There are so many feature to help you become Best DPS/Best Healer/Best Tank in high end PvE content and Best Killer/Best Healer/Best Flag Carrier in any Battleground and Arena. The feature including:

  • Rotation for every class/spec
  • Auto Move, Auto Face...
  • Auto Return Flag...
  • Auto use Healthstone, Potion...
  • Auto Target, Set Focus...
  • Hotkey
  • Intelligent Interrupt
  • Intelligent Dispel


6+ year continued service

We start before Mist of Padaria expansion release (2012). With years of experience, constant update, we hope TuanHA Combat Routine will serve you well in this Legion and future expansion.


Since 2012, we start writting our Combat Routine on Honorbuddy Platform. As time changed, we moved Firehack another advanced platform and we will continue expand to other platform if required.

All advanced logic you ever needed

Our Combat Routine support all Specialization There are many advanced logic that help you become the Best DPS/Best Healer/Best Tank in high end PvE content. Combat Routine also help you become the Best Killer/Best Healer/Best Flag Carrier in any Battleground and Arena with advanced PvP logic.

No-Stop improvement

We always listen to customer feed back and constantly update our Combat Routine for your need. Join our discord channel and let us know what you want in a Combat Routine.

Supported Classes

TuanHA Combat Routine support most Classes with advanced logic for both high-end PvP and PvE

Download and Support


Download and Get Live Support on our Discord

Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/V2J3sfY
Detailed Download and Installation Guide on #firehack-download channel
Most Frequently Asked Questions are answered on our #faq channel